After trekking round ’19 northern states’, man begins foot journey to UK


Abubakar Duduwale, a 43-year-old trekker, has announced his intention to travel to the United Kingdom by foot.

Daily Trust reports that Duduwale began his journey Sunday morning.

Duduwale, a native of Yola north local government area of Adamawa state, said he’s trekking for the purpose of raising awareness on terrorism and specifically to promote world peace.

He further noted that he’s been in the business of trekking for a long time after going round “19 northern states” on foot. “I mean to pass the message that terrorism is evil and must be stopped,” he said.

“I have trekked round the 19 northern states of Nigeria promulgating the gospel of peace and war against terrorism,

insurgency, corruption, drug abuse as well as promoting unity. “I started trekking in 2008 when I decided not to sleep in Adamawa State that particular day and I moved from my village to the border between Nigeria and Cameroon. My trekking is not for fun but for world peace. We must shun all negative tendencies.”

Duduwale last year trekked from Yola to Abuja in support of Muhammadu Buhari, shortly after defeating Goodluck Jonathan in the presidential election. His journey, the report says, would start from Kaduna to Niger state after which he’d head to Abuja and from there, proceed to the United Kingdom.

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