Pastor who sprayed insecticide on members for healing claims he was led by Holy Spirit


South African pastor, Lethebo Rabalango, who sprayed insecticide in members’ eyes to heal them during his sermon at the weekend, has given reasons for his actions.

He was castigated on the social media with some users calling him fake and ‘prophet of doom.’

Recall that the controversial pastor and founder of Mount Zion General Assembly who had in the past allegedly killed one of his members after he put a speaker on top of her body to prove God’s power, , sprayed his members’ faces, legs and hands with an insect killer.

According to him, he was performing ‘healing miracle.

Following the backlash he received, Rabalago took to his official Facebook page to say: “God can use anything. God can use the mud. God can use saliva. God can use even poisonous things to deliver people.

“We are led by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says in the Book of Mark 16 says those who believe in My name shall do all things. We believe in the name of Jesus.

“We believe we can do everything. We believe we can make people to drink petrol, eat grass, spray doom, and they can be delivered.

“I cannot be arrested by the police for ‘hurting’ people, I have nothing to fear as I am already arrested in Christ,” he noted.

Via Daily Post

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