Trouble as an Elderly man storms son-in-law’s home demanding delayed dowry


An elderly man identified as Julius Lasoi stormed his son-in-law’s home in the Kipsonoi, Bomet County of Kenya demanding delayed dowry of his daughter after pleading with her huisband to pay dowry in vain.

The no-nonsense Lasoi stormed his son-in-law’s home identified as Boiyo in an impromptu visit reading him the riot act.

According to reports, the old man armed with nothing but a walking stick, made his presence felt in style by launching into a lengthy tirade, demanding to know why the young man had not bothered to show appreciation, yet continued to sire children with his daughter.

According to him, customarily, it was inappropriate for the young man to go to a point of siring a third child with his daughter, without caring to even drag the scrawniest of a goat to him.

“What is wrong with you? Pay up! I have waited enough and you seem not bothered at all!” the old man is quoted to have roared.

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