Tragedy in Enugu as Man kills brother’s 2 sons because of land father left them

The story of a modern day Cain and Abel in Nigeria… Disturbing news are coming to editors, as one of the readers has recently sent us photos and a story of the incident that took place at Igbo Eze South local government area, Ibagwa-Aka, of Enugu state.
Killing in Nigeria
According to the reader who chose to stay anonymous, a local man, whose identity also remains unknown, has killed his brother’s sons.
The conflict that turned into tragedy between two close relatives were reportedly caused by a plot of land left by their father.
Man kills brother's sons
It remains unclear whether the man was reported to police, prosecuted or punished for his sick crime.
This is not the first time Nigerians are dealing with family problems using murder, nearly a week ago featured a story about a stepmother who allegedly poisoned six children to death, according to the rumours.
Man kills nephews
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