Benue: Stop ‘flaunting’ God while workers are dying; Angels don’t vote in Benue State – Activist warns Ortom


Frontline social media activist, Peterhot Apeh has advised the current governor of Benue State to sit up or risk losing his seat in 2019.

According to Apeh who coordinates the Idoma Governor’s Support Group, IGSG, “the way Ortom is ‘flaunting’ God, he might be shocked in 2019 that ‘angels’ don’t have PVC and are thus not eligible to vote in Nigeria.”

Apeh said his statement became imperative following the refusal of the governor to pay workers in the state for months whereas he goes to churches every Sunday testifying how God raised him from garage to government house.

The IGSG coordinator observed that the governor was only using God to scam the people of the state, having successfully ascended to the seat using the name of ‘God.’

Apeh told newsmen that, “If Governor Ortom continues to go to church and comes out every Sunday without paying workers’ salaries, in 2019, he will discover that Angels don’t come down from heavens to vote in Rome, let alone Benue State.

“The Governor should channel the energy he uses in flaunting his God to better the state instead of going from church to church boring people with how he came to power from the garage. Workers are dying of hunger and he is busy preaching his God. 2019 shall tell.”

The organized labour in Benue state had recently threatened to shut down the state should the governor fail to pay workers April, 2016 salary.‎

Via Daily Post



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