Friend of banker, accused of hiring assassins to kill husband, says she was set up


A close associate of the woman, Oluchi Tochukwu, accused of hiring assassins to kill her husband, has defended the suspect, saying her estranged husband set her up.

The suspect’s friend, Nicole Chioma Ugochukwu, on her Facebook page, alleged that Oluchi was set up by her estranged husband who had allegedly swore to deal with her so much that no man would look at her again after their separation.

Oluchi, a banker, was alleged to have hired assassins to slay her ex-husband identified as Tochukwu Onyebuchi, but luck ran out on the suspected assassins – Kingsley Ikechukwu, 36, and Chigozie Smart, 32, when the police in Ogun state intercepted and arrested them on October 19 at Ijebu-Ode while attempting to escape to Onitsha with the victim’s Range Rover SUV.

Oluchi, who is currently being detained at the Ogun state Police station in Eleweran Abeokuta, had denied contracting the suspects and one other at large to assassinate her husband, stating that her three-year-old marriage to her husband had crashed, so she had no reason to kill him.

Recall that her arrest came barely two weeks after a woman, Mrs. Chika Orji, was arrested in Lagos State for allegedly hiring assassins to eliminate her husband, 

luchi’s friend, who defended her, posted her pictures and wrote: “We made a trip to Ogun state where A lovely soul is languishing in Ogun state police Eleweran Abeokuta and her name is Oluchi T. Mbonu ( maiden name ).

“Oluchi is a seasoned banker, a friendly soul, a dear friend, a sister and above all a mother to a lovely beautiful young daughter.

“Oluchi is being accused of conspiring with some dirty frail looking guys labeled ASSASSINS …. Lol…. to kill her hubby (thou hubby is still very much alive ).

“I am not a lawyer neither am I the police but it’s not rocket science to know that this is just a Bogus story to ruin her reputation and tarnish her image.

“The picture is so clear that she is a VICTIM of circumstance and evil manipulation from a bitter Man ( ex hubby) …..Ooh yes , he threatened to deal with her and after he is done , no man would look at her.

“My fellow Nigerians, this treat is in motion and we all must join hands together to stop it and make a difference.

“How can we do this? Let’s make noise until the real story is told. Yes justice must surely take its course but it’s taking too long.

“She has no business in Eleweran police station, this case should be transferred to Lagos State where the so called failed assassination took place so proper investigation can take its course.


“Pls let’s join hands and speak up till the proper authorities take up this case.

“Why is she locked up in Ogun state while the crime was committed in the hubby’s home in Lekki? Shouldn’t she be extradited to the jurisdiction where the failed assassination was committed?

“Why was she paraded as a criminal the very next day after her arrest without investigation? Why was her picture plastered all over the internet and newspapers the very next day?

“Why hasn’t even a single soul in the name of the ex hubby’s friends or family come forward to corroborate his story or tell us that his accused wife is capable of this crime?” she wondered.

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