Sheer Wickedness : US-based Nigerian nanny ‘angrily’ feeds eight-month-old baby to death


The United States police have arrested a 66-year-old Nigerian nanny, Oluremi Oyindasola, for murder.

Oyindasola of Glenarden, Maryland has also been charged with second-degree murder, first-degree child abuse, resulting in death and other offenses.

This is coming after she force-fed an eight-month-old baby girl to death, NBC Washington is reporting.

According to Prince George’s County Police, a home surveillance system recorded the accused taking a nap when the crying infant, eight-month-old Enita Salubi, approached her in a toddler walker.

Col. Harry Bond with Prince George’s CountyPolice said Oyindasola unsuccessfully tried to feed the child, then when she got frustrated with the infant not wanting to eat, she proceeded to pour a large amount of white liquid directly inside the victim’s mouth.

Bond said, “On October 24th, at about 4.10pm, she forcefully poured the two bottles of what looks to be milk down the baby’s mouth, causing her to not be able to breathe and suffocating her.

“The baby had been rushed to a hospital after she became unresponsive at home. She was pronounced dead a short time later.

Via Daily Post

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