Tragedy : Bride dies in motorcycle accident while sharing wedding invitation

Gabriele dos Santos Pereira, an 18-year-old bride has been reported dead following a motorcycle accident that occurred while distributing wedding invitations.

The incident happened in Jataí, a city located in the Brazilian region of Goiás.

Pereira, a high school graduate was riding on a motorcycle behind the groom, Hallan Candido Neves When the accident happened.

Neves survived the incident by a whisker, and has been admitted at a hospital where he is receiving treatment.

The bride’s father, Rosalino Pereira expressed shock and sadness over her demise.

Wedding invitation

According to Globo News, he said,  “I do not know where to start. Just know that plucked a piece of me.” 

“My daughter was 18, was married and was now distributing wedding invitations. That hurts. It is not easy for the father not wish that on anyone.” 

“Rather I break my leg a million times than having to bury my 18 year old daughter. She had dreams and plans.”

The couple were expected to get married on November 26, 2016.

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