WICKEDNESS : How Peace Corp cadet raped me inside school – Teenager


The Police in Osun State have arrested a member of a cadet of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) attached to St. Charles Grammar School, Imran Olalekan, 24, for allegedly raping a 17-year old female student of a neigbouring school.
Imran allegedly raped the girl inside one of the offices of the Peace Corps of Nigeria in the school.

The victim, who narrated her ordeal, said: “I was in school early with my friend. Mr. Olalekan gave sign that one of us should come. Initially, I didn’t know I was being called.

“But he pointed at me and I went to him. He grabbed my dress. I wore a shirt on my school uniform and because of that Olalekan threatened to punish me.

“I immediately knelt down and started begging him. He then pushed me inside their office. Because it was still early, no student was near the office. He asked me if I was a virgin or I owned a mobile. I told him I didn’t have a phone.

“Despite pleading with him to let me go, he pulled my skirt and blocked my mouth with his hands and raped me. When he finished, he warned that if I tell anyone, I would die.

“When he left me, I went home and told my parents what has happened. I am not his girlfriend. He raped me and nearly all of them (Peace Corps men) working in our school used to sleep with students.

“Though some girls befriend Peace Corp people without being forced.”

Responding, Imran told newsmen that he was posted to the school to learn from PCN members working in the school.

Though he initially denied raping the victim, claiming he only romanced her, he later admitted sleeping with her but not that he forced her into the act.

He said: “When I called her, I told her I loved her and she didn’t talk. I slept with her but I didn’t force her. She is not my girlfriend. This is the first time this would happen.”

Police Public Relations Officer in Osun State Command, Folasade Odoro, said preliminary investigations revealed the suspect had intercourse with the victim.

She added that the suspect would be taken to court once investigation was concluded.

Via Daily Post

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