Sultan charges FG to prosecute killer herdsmen


Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III has advised the Federal Government to prosecute killer Fulani herdsmen.

He stated this in Kaduna on Monday at the opening ceremony of the 2-Day Annual Pan-Northern Groups Summit on Security, Socio-economic and political development.

“There are very terrible herdsmen who kill. But they are acting on their own, they are criminals and they must be treated as criminals. Therefore the Federal Government should prosecute them,” the Sultan said

“It is disheartening to hear when people say Fulani herdsmen want to Islamize Nigeria and that is why they are killing. Any Fulani herdsman who kills is not acting the script of Fulani community in Nigeria, neither is he working for the Muslim community,” he said.

The Sultan recently said those who kill in God’s name will end up in jail.

Speaking on the state of Northern Nigeria, the Sultan urged Northern Nigeria to remain united is non-negotiable if the region must develop and have a common front.

“There is more ethnic awareness now than ever before. The question is why the sudden consciousness in ethnicity and religion?

“I will not attempt to provide answer to this question, but, we must therefore strive to re-unite the North, only then, we can have a common front and build a united and cohesive North,” he said.

He further urged Governors to build roads, instead of using billions to build airport, adding that the commoners used roads.

Via Daily Post

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