What A Miracle! See How This Lady Cheated Death During Christmas Period (Photo)


It is as they say “Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”. This lady has narrated her miraculous experience after cheating death/tragedy due to a little disappointment which got her down last year December (2015). Her inspiring testimony was shared on Facebook.. Read below;
What a Christmas! on 24th Dec 2015 at 6 am, I came to a car park, paid my transport fair, kept my big traveling bag close to the bus where others kept theirs, went to fill in my name, came back to put my bag into the bus I was suppose to board.

To my utmost surprise, my box was no where to be found. They searched the whole park for about three hours but all to no avail, I wept bitterly and lamented that God has failed me because all my belongings were in the bag: my international passport containing my USA visa, my expensive weavon, my new cloths, jewelries and so many other things.

I was in agony but I never knew God spared my life, he took all away to secure my life towards 2016. I went back to my sisters house where I came from and of cause the bus left. That day was hell for me, people were happy and jubilating on Christmas eve but I couldn’t, I was at home I had no good dress on me.

Lo and behold On 25th evening a news came to me that the bus I was suppose to board had an accident and no one came out alive. God took death away from me, because its only the living that can stand and recover all. I turn to say this Christmas is the best Christmas so far.

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