Shocker!! Florence Dumps Dr. Bright Echefu After EFCC Arrests Him (Photo)

Wonders they say will never end. it would be recalled that Dr Bright Echefu sparked outrage online after he proposed to his late wife’s friend, former Queen Of Aso Nigeria, Florence Esu and she accepted, just four months after his wife’s death. Well, Florence has dumped Dr. bright and the dumping may not be unrelated to his alleged present financial trouble. Sources close to Dr. Echefu disclosed under conditions of anonymity that the widower is allegedly broke hence the decision of Florence to dump him. Dr Echefu is currently under arrest by the EFCC. if you missed it read HERE Naija girls and money –





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  1. Nd says:

    This serves him Right. One bad turn deserves Another.
    This narrow minded Bright Echefu is currently being hammered by the law of karma – married 4 months after his wife’s death, & to make it worst married his wife’s best friend who I would rate as a prostitute; why? because No Money No Marriage!
    To be precise, if a thorough investigation is carried out, I’ll not be surprised if the end result involves Dr Bright & Florence Esu as the cause of death of this innocent woman. I belief her spirit is fighting back & hitting Dr Bright really hard.
    I hope Bright & Florence rots in hell!

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