NigerDelta: We ‘ll Will hold Community Leaders Responsible for any Bomb in their Domain – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his administration will hold community leaders responsible for any explosion in their domain following the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta. Speaking through the Commander of the Joint Task Force (JTF), Ma­jor General Okunola, who led his troop to inspect one of the blown up pipelines at Egwa II community in Warri South West, has said the Army will hold commu­nity leaders in whose domain such bombing took place re­sponsible for any act of sabo­tage in their area.

He said that the Federal Government would do all it can to bring the saboteurs of national assets to book as they were already closing in on the criminals.

Okunola said henceforth, security agencies would en­force extant law banning the use of outboard engines with 200 HP and above.

He said the Federal Gov­ernment would not condone any act of sabotage in the country adding that the act was not only criminal, but, also, capable of undermining national security.

The commander pleaded with government officials and community leaders to give JTF and other security agencies in the region useful information that would lead to arrest of the perpetrators for prosecution.

He said “the pipeline was blown three days ago. We are going to fish out those responsible. It was a mas­sive sabotage and critical to national assets. There is no way we will fold our hands and allow perpetrators to get away with it.

“We do not have our men deployed in the area; that was why they had the opportunity to do it.”

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