Ikeazu concludes plan to join APC in bid to retain his seat as Abia governor (PHOTOS)

APC is a party that Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu and his godfather T.A. Orji did everything to kill in Abia State. One of their actions was stopping Buhari and APC from using any government facility in Abia State for their campaigns. They were calling APC Boko Haram party and even insulted HRM Eze Isaac Ikonne for giving Buhari title when he visited Aba.

We even heard that after Buhari left Aba, that the former governor was jesting that imagine how Buhari, Ngige and Rochas were roaming about at Faulks road Aba like an unburied corpse (Ozu Akwaghi Akwa). Even when T.A. Orji was told that Buhari visited Ariaria, He questioned whether he went to Ariaria to sell pure water, buy takalami (slipper) or to help offload tomatoes from north.

You know T.A. Orji would always be funny. But today the table has turn around. The stone that Dr. Ikpeazu and his master insulted, rejected is now becoming chief cornerstone. The party they wanted to destroy is where Dr. Ikpeazu is begging for help. Ikpeazu is now seeking salvation in APC trying to lure Rochas to aid his entrance. The same man who some paid maggots on social Medias is asking Abians to trust.

The same Ikpeazu they called the beautiful one and a man of his word. The same man they see as Igbo agenda that will make Biafra possible. The same man that they said he won election and protesting because he promised them to carry Igbo agenda along. The above pictures can now judge, Dr. Ikpeazu has gone on his knee begging Rochas to connect him with Buhari for him to join APC. This is very sorry for those believing the product of T.A. Orji.

Ndi Abia and Ikpeazu Supporters can you now see why we are rejecting anything from T.A. Orji because it can’t be trusted. Do you remember that T.A.Orji betrayed Ojukwu after joining APGA and decamped to PDP within 3 days? Till Ojukwu died T.A.Orji was his worst disappointment. Therefore before you support anybody check his background and source because whatever snake beget must be long. And as for you Dr. Ikpeazu never forgets that it is only Dogs that go back to their vomits.

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