Fr. Mbaka’s critics are prime suspects in plot to kill Buhari –Adoration Ministry


Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria headed by Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka has called on security agents to see as prime suspects those criticising the prophecy of its spiritual director on a plot to assassinate President Muhammadu Buhari.
The ministry’s Media Chief, Mr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke, who said this yesterday in a statement issued in Enugu, urged Nigerians to ask those he described as “democratic miscreants” why they are not perturbed by the other prophecies Fr Mbaka made this year except the plot to kill Mr President.
“Are they guilty or privy to the plot which the man of God had exposed? The laborious manner with which they attacked the prophetic message in an attempt to filibuster and water it down betrays their innocence on this issue and this should make them prime suspects in the list of the nation’s intelligence security surveillance,” the ministry said.
The Adoration Ministry responded to a statement credited to a human rights group which threatened to drag Fr Mbaka to the Pope, if the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria failed to reprimand him and stop him from actively associating with politicians based on his New Year prophecy of a plan to assassinate Buhari.
The rights group dismissed Fr. Mbaka’s prophecy as “delusional fantasy.”
But the Adoration Ministry said the Constitution in “Section 38(1) respects universal right to freedom of religion and to manifest and propagate same either or in community with others in public or private just as it guarantees freedom of expression in Section 39.
“If the Constitution which gave every citizen of this country the right to worship did not prohibit him from declaring the message he receives from the God he worships, we then wonder why a priest of God and a citizen of this country should be threatened for exercising his constitutional right.
“A situation where the fundamental human rights which is the tenet of the ideals of democracy is bastardised by an acclaimed human rights group that is meant to protect same is indeed worrisome and makes mockery of the nomenclature.”
The ministry, therefore, said that the threat against Fr Mbaka could only come “from a colossus of political agents of destabilization, and rabble-rousers masquerading as an NGO and a pro-democracy group.”
The ministry said that they view the threat as an infringement to Fr Mbaka’s right to freedom of religion, association and expression which Section 46 of the Constitution and enabling legal frameworks gave them the latitude to seek redress.
“We, therefore, call on the group to withdraw that threat forthwith or face the legal consequence. We know of the utterances by many leaders of different churches at the beginning of this year who in exercise of their religious freedom predicted so many things such as plane crash, bank robbery, bank collapse, natural disasters etc, no one threatened to sanction them. The question is; why should Fr Mbaka’s prophecy always attract venomous criticism by some Nigerian, especially by the so-called Christians who will never talk about the manifest miracles of God through him and his consummate charitable life?
“Was the fulfillment of his prophecy of President Buhari’s victory last year which earned him and the ministry the highest media attack ever not yet enough lesson to Nigerians that Fr Mbaka is indeed a prophet of God and a gift to this nation?
“Last year when Fr Mbaka prophesied the defeat of former President Goodluck Jonathan, many Christian including notable clergymen branded him a false prophet and clamoured for his sanction. Now that the prophecy came true with Buhari’s victory, why shouldn’t the acclaimed sanctions be meted to those clergies whom the manifestation of Fr Mbaka’s prophecy has proved to be the real false prophets?
“No one seems to think about this. It is unfortunate that some men of God and so-called Christians either for lack of prayer points or out of chronic envy and jealously now make ‘Fr Mbaka’ the topic for exhortation in their gatherings. This also explains why the recent speculations on his transfer has taken the place of sermon in some churches and even made national news headline even when there is no official communication of such,” the ministry said.
The ministry insisted that “we love our president and his life means much to us, especially at this point of the nations’ history when he is fighting the most dread wars in the world, the hydra-headed war against corruption and insurgency.
“Besides Fr Mbaka’s prophecy of the plans of the enemies against him, no good thinking citizen of this country would believe that the victims of Mr President’s war against corruption would be smiling at him. That is why we should not relent in praying for Mr President and will never spare any one or group of persons that may want to distract Fr Mbaka and his commitment to the spiritual welfare of this nation.”


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