Childless Couple Adopts Triplets, And Then Receives A Shocking News (MUST READ)


This adorable and surprising story is making its way through Facebook pages today. It’s the story of a U.S. couple – Andy and Sarah Justice. They wanted nothing more than to have a baby.

After three and a half years, the couple decided to go to a specialist, but the treatment was too expensive (between $30,000–60,000). Instead they decided to adopt a baby and were soon paired with a birth mother.

When Sarah arrived at the first ultrasound, a doctor told them that the birth mom was carrying triplets. Sarah couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Born two months early and weighing only 3 pounds each, the babies — Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth — stayed in the neonatal intensive care.

But something incredible happened then…

A week later, Sarah began to feel sick and scheduled a doctor’s appointment. He surprised her: Sarah was pregnant — with twins!

“We were very happy. Did we panic a little? Of course. But we were very happy,” she told. “We really felt this was something God wanted us to do. And sometimes, when you follow God’s will in one thing, it leads to the next thing.”

The Justice family grew from two to seven in less than a year!

According to the couple, the children use 84 bottles and 300 diapers a week!

While Andy and Sarah have their hands full they wouldn’t want it any other way. Sarah summed it all up by saying, “God has a great sense of humor.”

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3 Responses

  1. mary okolo says:

    God is great

  2. Ladygina chimezie says:

    God is always full of surprises,may his name be praised forever

  3. Joy Akin says:

    Awesome God.I rejoice greatly with them and trust God to supply all they will need to take ccare of these five babies in Jesus name.

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